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My name is Amelia alien and I come from Mars Singapore. I mean no harm though I am an alieno human! I am the clumsiest alien human on Mars Singapore. So definitely! But I love my friends, to the core! :D 5E'10, Aitong. Oh and I like spanish. :)




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Thursday, February 18, 2010
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Friday, February 12, 2010
Yay eating magnum nao. Magnum mini yum! ♥ Okay tag replies + blogging for yesterday.

Elly: Will do.Maggie: Have done.
Ami: I see. I'll add you when I'm free! I'm harlowwX-

Friday (yesterday/12 Feb 2010):
Seniors came back yay! Those that are Secondary 1 this year. Saw Trisha, then grandpa waiting for me @ parents corner so couldnt chit chat with her much. :( Sad luh. I hope Teachers' Day she comes back and stays longer! I didn't see Andre though. He's much older luh anyw. He's like uh.. Sec 3/4 this year? Well anyw, the CNY celebration wasn't anything good. Last year's was better. If I remembered, last year's CNY celebration didn't need me to sit beside 3 boys who are idiots and suck to the core. Besides, if I'm not wrong, last year's celebration included acting. Meh. Anyway, it was a mega irritation with the three idiots around.

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